Nutrition Related Medical Conditions

Susan is speciallsed in the following conditions, but can also help with other illnesses. These services can be covered under your private medical insurance or self paid. No referral necessary if self paid. Contact Susan below if you have any questions.
Women's Health

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS now affects 10% of women in UK and may cause weight gain and insulin resistance, both which can be treated by diet and exercise. Susan can help with these challenges and prevent PCOS symptoms through a low Glycemic Index diet and exercise. She has completed research in this area at University of Roehampton.


Pregnancy can be a rewarding but sometimes stressful time for new mums. It is an important time for baby, and mum needs to ensure that she is eating healthy. Susan can help with proper nutrition, ensuring healthy weight gain and getting back to regular weight post-pregnancy.


This is the healthiest start of your new baby’s life to ensure he/she gets the proper nutrition and anti-bodies and also help mum get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Hopefully it will go smoothly but if you need help, Susan can recommend feeding routines, proper nutrition or supplemental feeding.


This is an exciting time in baby’s life with the introduction of new foods, but this can be stressful for some parents. Susan has experience in children’s centres in London with helping parents introduce types of foods, at right times, and dealing with fussy eaters.


This can be a challenging time for women but it does not have to be. Nutrition advice can help with side effects, maintain bone density, strengthen cardiovascular health, and prevent weight gain. Support during this time can help you be healthier as we age.
Plant based nutrition


Plant based nutrition has been shown to reduce cardiovascular risk, have lower body weight and higher in fibre. Susan can use her experience working as the Nutrition Consultant with the Vegetarian Society to help you become more plant based or improve your vegetarian diet.


Many people are now becoming more vegan and want to eliminate all animal products. This can be quite healthy with a wide variety of foods and substituting vegan sources of nutrients from animal based foods. Susan can help with recipe ideas, meal planning or supplements if required to help be a healthy vegan.

Plant based and athletes

Athletics need proper nutrition to achieve exercise goals. Plant based diet can be helpful with achieving this through healthy planned plant-based meals. Athletic nutritional requirements are higher for some nutrients such as protein and iron. Help can be given to ensure you reach these requirements in plant-based foods.
Weight loss can be a confusing area of nutrition with many quick fixes which will not last long term. Susan can help you with a personalised approach, which will last long term and stop that yo-yo dieting. You may want an individual approach or group sessions. Packages are available from NutriotionU. See Get Back On Track Offer
Digestive Issues and FODMAPS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The main treatment for IBS is diet. Susan can help you identify the foods causing your discomfort and live a symptom free life. She can help you with an elimination diet or a FODMAP diet which has been shown to be highly effective in dealing with IBS.

Lactose and Gluten Intolerance

Not sure if you have intolerance to milk or gluten? Susan can help you identify the foods which are causing you discomfort and suggest alternatives to ensure your symptoms are reduced and your diet is providing all the nutrients whilst eliminating the trigger foods.

General Bloating

Gut health has been linked to many unpleasant symptoms and now even obesity. There is no need to suffer alone, as you can get help to reduce this gut bloating and improve your gut health. Susan can help identify these food triggers and suggest food to improve your gut health.

Ulcerative Coliitis 9UC)

UC can be improved with proper dietary management. If you need help with ideas for healthy nutrition or need help during flare ups, Susan can provide helpful advice.

Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease is treatable with diet and sometimes medication/supplements. Diet is sometimes forgotten in the treatment of this disease which is very important to maintain a healthy diet and prevent symptoms.

Other illnesses include diabetes, osteoporosis, allergies, intolerances, sports, and skin conditions. Nutrition advice can help deal with these conditions to make you feel better and reduce symptoms.
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