After recording a typical five day food diary, this information will be entered into a sophisticated computer program. You will get a report which outlines all the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients you have eaten over those days. These amounts will be compared to what is recommended. Any areas for improvement will be highlighted and recommendations will be made for these areas including foods to be added and/or omitted from your diet.
  • Fat intake was 40%, recommended to be below 30%, foods to be replaced and/or omitted to reach that target.
  • Calcium intake was 340 mg per day, requirement is 700 mg, foods should be added which has high calcium content.
Included is an initial 60 minute appointment, computerised analysis, and a 30 minute follow-up with reports and recommendations based on the diary.
Great for anyone trying to lose weight, want to improve their diet, or athletes.

Cost £49.00 inclusive.

Susan will develop the meal plans utilizing the following software:

Nutritics Professional Diet Analysis Software | Diet Tracking UK & Ireland Foods Database

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